FEB. 23, 2023


The deep, vivid ink color complements the clean white hue vertically and horizontally, shaping clear spatial boundaries. Then, coupled with stable, gray marbling walls, balmy timber elements, and glossy decorative light fixtures understatedly manifest an elegant fashion style. We set up a lightweight figured glass screen and the chase cabinetry, which achieve aesthetics and privacy features. Also, skillfully resolving the homeowners' concerns about geomancy taboo and fulfilling their expectations for a better, joyful life.

As per the studio name, we take the image of the towering and imposing mountains to manifest exceptional momentum and expertise. " House Design " holds devoted enthusiasm for materializing aesthetics. With years of professional experience, we are skilled in setting the accurate proportion of commercial spaces and outline glamorous residences sensitively. Ultimately, create splendid and gorgeous spaces that touch people's hearts and realize their visions.