MAR. 15, 2023

2023 MUSE DESIGN AWARDS《排雲之境》榮獲Silver Winner

Project Title:Tower in the Cloud Awarded:Silver Winner, Interior Design - Residential

Gently pull the sheer curtains aside, pop the vast blue sky and phantasmagoric clouds look like a quodis arcana. Plan clear, unimpeded layouts to link up each functional domain of the space and bond family affection. Supplement neutral Earth tone and balmy wooden elements; ingeniously create a cozy, elegant residence. Also, arrange multi-layered settings that indicate an advanced, blissful future that the family will achieve.

Integrate the outdoor blue sky and cloud view into the design, artfully set up a ceiling with layers from the entryway, the dining room to the living room. And bring an imaginary picture of the vast sky with the curvy pattern, initiating association and resonance betwixt the residents and the external environment. Ingeniously plan comfortable span of each domain and smooth flows of movement. In addition, choose transparent glass to erect a partition between the dining area and the kitchen to bring a clear and penetrating vision of the public domains and fashion a cozy and serene ambiance, firmly bonding the family affection.

Exploit solid wood veneers to manifest the focal points of the interior facades, and go with the fair-faced concrete walls, bringing about a rustic natural atmosphere. Moreover, supplement with white paint, harmoniously utilizing the three elements to correspond to the selected materials of the ceilings and creating an understated, agreeable tone of the whole space. Taking advantage of the excellent natural lighting of the foundation, we merely install recessed lights favored by the homeowner as the main lighting and improve brightness via linear-shaped fixtures, successfully rendering a peaceful and warm vibe.

Pave laminate flooring with an excellent water-resistant feature and exploit moisture-proof, eco-friendly system panels to build up a safe and healthy living environment that is favorable for long-term usage and inherits timelessly.