MAR. 15, 2023

2023 MUSE DESIGN AWARDS《排雲之境》榮獲Silver Winner

Project Title:Dominant Splendor Awarded:Silver Winner, Interior Design - Office

Stepping into the design studio amid the hustle and bustle of urban seems like situating the relaxed seashore. The ceiling, interior facades, flooring, furniture, and furnishings artfully manifest impressive features and glamorous textures through simple patterns. Thereupon, reveal the down-to-earth ethos of the design studio.

Carefully plan an open space with large French windows to create a roomy, bright visual effect. Take advantage of wooden elements, concise linear features, and natural lighting to fashion an eclectic style of Simple Modern and New Nordic. Coat the walls with pure white latex paint; set wooden gratings and dark blonde laminated skirting boards; arrange arc-shaped soft furnishings, ingeniously signify the earnest, well-organized principles of the design studio.

The marbling texture of the exterior appearance, coffee table, storage cabinets, and half-height partition is in tune with clean white interior walls. The interior finish and soft furnishing artfully appear for natural stone features. In addition, we opt for solid wood veneers and gratings to finish the interior facades and assort with a linear shape light fixture and glossy laminate sheets, gently bringing out the exceptional brilliance of the space and carrying out the true inner beauty of the design studio. And the straight-linear-patterned solid wood floor conveys the studio's well-organized trait.

The connection of the ceiling and interior walls, recessed light grooves, meeting desk, coffee table, and built-in shelving all contain arc features, skillfully corresponding to the design theme of natural stone shapes. And then, take advantage of vary-shaped fixtures, such as the pendant light above the meeting desk and the floor lamp at the corner of the negotiation area, brilliantly showing the striking visual design.

We design an open-patterned office to create a spacious situation with smooth flows. In particular, separate the negotiation area from the office lounge and reception areas. Then, erect an iron-framed figured glass screen to divide different functional areas. Introduce brilliant daylight indoors through the large French windows; while setting off appeal vibe via recessed lighting at night. Furthermore, install varying light fixtures like the oval ring hanging lamp and the trendy floor lamp to improve brightness.