MAR. 15, 2024

2024 MUSE DESIGN AWARDS《沉萃衍敘》榮獲Silver Winner

Project Title:Serene Symmetry Awarded:Silver Winner, Interior Design - Residential

The interior exudes an understated and subdued color palette, creating an atmosphere of tranquility that seems to resonate with the eternal essence of life under the catalytic effect of natural light. It weaves a captivating tale unique to this abode, liberating one from the shackles of everyday worries. The stone patterns, with their carefree and untamed textures, invite the mind to wander freely, while the touch of wood imparts a warm and gentle sensation. Guided by soft, indirect lighting, one can immerse in self-reflection, savoring the moments spent with family and the heartwarming ambiance of the home.

Drawing inspiration from the homeowner's desire for a serene ambiance and exceptional taste, we employ an imagery-based approach to translate abstract feelings of tranquility and calmness into tangible living spaces via carefully chosen materials, seamlessly immersing individuals within. Embracing a deep color scheme as the focal point, we adorn the entire room with delicately textured hand-scraped wood flooring, intricate stone patterns, and elegant wood elements, resulting in a profound and luxurious atmosphere with subtle refinement. Complementing the design, mirrors and metallic works are strategically integrated to accentuate the clean linear feature and a sense of depth and dimension, infusing the space in a modern fashion through indirect lighting.

Thoughtfully considering the importance the homeowner places on the family, we replace the kitchen's partition wall with a clear glass sliding door, not only optimizing natural light and airflow but also promoting a smooth flow that brings family members closer together. Transforming the kitchen and dining area into the heart of the home, it becomes a lovely space where the family shares their precious and quality bonding moments.