MAR. 15, 2024

2024 MUSE DESIGN AWARDS《木白賦格》榮獲Gold Winner

Project Title:Versifying with Timber Awarded:Gold Winner, Interior Design - Living Spaces

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. " - Albert Schweitzer, awarded with Nobel Peace Prize.

The saying may be slightly exaggerated, but it could be valid for the homeowner with three pet cats and plentiful musical instrument collections. The project primarily focused on "cat-friendly" and "tailor-made for the personal lifestyle" based on functional and moving flow planning. Ultimately, we contributed a time-proofing and warmhearted home.

We renovated the 215-square-metered pre-owned house and elevated its space usage efficiency and functionality to address various requirements plus present personalities. We adopted pristine wood textures and cement surfaces to meet the homeowner's preferences in a minimalist trend. The grayish facade matches the comfy furnishings, rendering a natural and tranquil ambiance. Everything in the homeowner's eyes is beloved, and life is pleasurable.

We made great efforts to dedicate plentiful love and care to color palettes and even moving flow plans since the homeowner hoped to satisfy the three pet cats' demands of activity and physical needs. The wood laminated flooring and pet-proof vertical blinds in public spaces enhance the furnishing resistance. Besides, we built a custom cat wall between the living room and dining room. The wall-mounted and suspended designs look like they are floating in the air, and the wood tone highlights a warm accent view, delivering a natural touch.

We learned about the homeowner's favorite minimalist style through intensive communication. The light wood tone matches cement wall paint with partial negative space, creating a tranquil living aura and preventing redundant adornments. At the same time, we put more emphasis on lighting designs. We invite ample daylight into the living room and install respective electric light fixtures according to the needs of different situations. The vertical blinds on the side of the dining space adjust adequate light and signify inconspicuous Japanese charm. We curated a music room and multi-purpose room to pamper the tiredness from work through relaxing recreation and a love for music.