APR. 22, 2024

2024 TITAN Property Awards《山嵐晨光》榮獲Gold Winner

Mother nature nurtures all living creatures, just like a comprehensive home design that fits for three generations. Veined marble imitates the mountain mist floating around the wood surfaces, and it seems that you can smell a bit of cool air. Hazy light penetrates between the grayish slabs as the morning sun shines through the clouds. The poetic image performing a fresh start of a nice day, leads people into a comforting field.

Integrated the ideals of recreation and a multi-generation family, we decided the project theme on a portrait that Mother Nature receives all living creatures. Bring morning sunshine and mountain mist to the interior; we utilize wood, stone, and metal to perform exclusively preferable styles. Besides, distinctively featured spaces deliver an aesthetic and cozy atmosphere in each respective way.

To reveal the image of veiling mountain mist and morning sunlight, we take light-shaded marble veining as the mist and let the reflective lighting play the balmy morning sunshine. The grand design of the bright public space with sleek metallic fixtures performs a modern style that meets the homeowner’s preference. Additionally, the warm-touched wood flooring satisfies the elders’ wishes.

To the need for recreation, we created an open layout on the ground floor, providing abundant public space. Besides, a 7.1 surround home theater system presents an excellent cinematic experience. In the private area, we built a master bedroom with a home office. The built-in desk attached to the half-wall divider allows the homeowner to work and relax at home.

The project aimed to incorporate three generations under the same roof. First, we planned a grandparent room and two kids' bedrooms. Moreover, we built an elevator that facilitated the elders to move up and down floors and carry large items such as baby strollers. In addition, we crucially preserved the residents' health by adopting the green-labeled standard building materials for the entire project.